Q&A with World of Beads owner Mandi about SALE of the BIZ

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>How did A World of Beads start?
Since the 80’s, I was into crystals and jewelry making. I made jewelry with my grandma and mom. My dad had a Golf store located near West Chester, Ohio and my mom and I decided to start a small bead store in the back of the golf building in 1991, opened only a few days a week. That soon quickly turned into 7 days a week, lines out the door, classes completely full and I had a nice part time job at age 11. We opened another bead store in Hyde Park which garnered us a couple Best of Cincinnati awards. At one point in time, along with our two bead stores there were at least 6 other bead stores in town. Most of the them only stuck around for 5-7 years, while our West Chester location which was open for 18 very successful years! In 2010, we merged both stores into our Hyde Park location so we could just have one large bead store and all employees under one roof, making it much easier to work together and have materials in one place.
>>What did this job teach you?
I learned at a very young not only how to make jewelry, but how to teach all ages, become a designer, problem solver, patience, multi-tasking, negotiating wholesale pricing at trade shows, I learned accounting and how to manage, train and work with other talented and aspiring artists. I was painfully shy as a young girl and this job made me the talented confident person I am today!
>>What were the bad parts of the job?
Not everyone is honest and when you run your own business you tend to find that out personally. I’ve had former employees use me for my expertise and turn around and rip me off or leave me high and dry in the middle of a busy time of year. I’ve had sentimental pieces of jewelry I made stolen right out of the store and I’ve had some seriously rude customers that i could write a novel about! But I’ve learned from all of them and its taught me to be more alert, self-aware, stronger, and a better designer and leader! But I must say, I’ve had many, many times more supportive, positive and incredible coworkers and customers than bad ones and they are the people I’d like to personally thank for an awesome 30 years and whom I dearly call my friends.
This job made me a successful, hard working woman boss and I would never trade it for the world. With all the knowledge I’ve acquired over the last 30 years, from business insights to my Gemology degree and jeweler certification, I feel I'm very capable of passing the torch on to the next creative person who feels they are ready to run their own business. This past summer we moved to a new state and I'm ready to explore new directions to take my career and to advise and assist the next confident boss babe to manage and succeed with a business of their own!

>>Who’s the right person to buy your biz?
My dream new owner would be a mom and daughter looking for something fresh and creative to start together because that’s how my mom and I started 30 years ago.
Or a creative individual in their 20’s fresh out of art school or just trying to figure out how to not work in corporate USA and do something fun! It would be a major bonus if you are social media savvy because you can do so much with this business and even collaborate with other downtown businesses, cross-promoting and such.
***For more info about the SALE of A WORLD OF BEADS please contact Mandi or A World of Beads. Best email for sale inquiries: mandiw@aworldofbeads.com

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