Anvil & Hammer Cuff
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Anvil & Hammer Cuff

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Graceful and sinuous in movement like a slinky for your wrist. Sheathlike, Sexy, Serpentine, willowy, light, bold, statement jewelry.

The story behind this line of expandable cuff bracelets handmade by Mandalynn were inspired by a trip to wine country in and around Santa Rosa, CA. Not only are the wines delicious with each and every sip the beauty of the land, vineyards and of the wineries architecture and history is inspiring enough to get the mind going in a creative direction. 

*The Hammer and Anvil is the very first cuff I made so it has some sentimental value. I used hammer and anvil embossed paper to get this texture and thought it was appropriate considering I make these bracelets using those two very important tools. 

Each piece is handmade, not manufactured. This is made from Sterling Silver. Recommend using a polishing cloth to clean metal if needed.