Permanent Jewelry and Chains

Are you commemorating a significant occasion or simply seeking an unforgettable experience with your closest companion? Reserve a personalized jewelry gathering, where we bring the celebration to you, be it a birthday, wedding, or a fun day out with the girls. This remarkable event offers a splendid opportunity to honor yourself and your friends with a collection of exquisite, enduring jewelry pieces that can be cherished every day.


Sterling Silver - Bracelet $25-$55 , Anklet $30 + Ring $20 + Necklace $ 55 + 

14k Gold-Fill - Bracelet $35-$80, Anklet $35 + Ring $25 + Necklace $70 + 

14k Gold & White Gold $75 + 

Book a Party - $200 deposit for a group of 6 or more. 

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Join me for a fun jewelry experience by hosting a private party or booking an appointment! Below are single or group options. Please note this is only a deposit. Price range starting from $25 + depending on your material selection. Please contact me about groups 6 + otherwise 

Let's talk about Permanent Jewelry or Not???  

The newest jewelry trend is not only a great girls night out experience but also a great way to celebrate you! Whether you want to make it permanent or not, with a quick zap, you will have a comfortable, every day, timeless piece of jewelry. No worries, the zap will not hurt! There is nothing zapping or pinching your skin. I am simply sizing a chain around your wrist or ankle so it fits perfectly and won't come off.  It also does not have to be permanent! Clasps options are available, and the experience is the same. You will leave wearing a perfectly fit, high quality bracelet, anklet, ring, or necklace. I have Sterling Silver and 14k Gold-Fill Chain options available. You can also embellish your new chain by bringing in your own charms from home or by selecting handmade charms provided and I will zap them on to your chain so they are secure. 

What is a permanent bracelet?

It is a bracelet that is attached with a jump ring and then welded to itself using a laser welder. It is claspless, therefore requires more effort to take off but using scissors, nail clippers or jewelry cutters will do the trick if you no longer want it on.  If you cut it off or it breaks by any chance and you want it attached back together permanently or with a clasp, I am happy to zap it back on for you or add a clasp.


 It’s an experience! Think of it like a best friend bracelet or a permanent reminder of a special bond, celebration, or commitment. It’s so easy to buy cheap jewelry that constantly falls apart. It’s also easy to buy expensive jewelry that falls off due to not being the right size or the clasp being poorly made.  These chains are made from solid metals such as Sterling Silver, 14k Gold and 14k Gold-Fill meaning they are going to last a very long time.

Can I get one with a Clasp?

100% YES! Not everyone likes wearing their jewelry 24/7 so this is a popular option. You will still have the same experience if you choose a clasp over claspless (permanent). This is because you are still getting a custom fit bracelet and the clasp will be zapped to your chain, so it does not fall off. 

 What ages can wear these?

I'm happy to weld a permanent bracelet or anklet on anyone over the age of 6. Those under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. 

What kind of costs can I expect?

I purchase large quantities of chains and have been in the jewelry business for over 25 years. My prices are competitive and the quality is outstanding. My precious metals are made in the US, Italy and Indonesia. The price is going to depend on what chain you pick out and what length. My prices start at $25 for a bracelet with over 15 different styles of Sterling Silver & 14k Gold-Fill claims, Charms are available for purchase $10+ and include the zap! 

* If you request a specific style in 14k gold or Platinum that I do not offer, I can order your preferred style before your appointment. Please contact me to discuss style options and pricing. 

Can I bring my own Chain and/or Charms?

Yes! If you bring your own, I recommend the chain be Sterling Silver, 14k Gold-Fill or 14k Gold. Minimum price per person whether you bring your own chain or not is $25. 

Location for appointments 299 E Plumb Ln Suite 150, Reno Nevada - Makers Paradise / Reno Public Market