Constellation Necklace
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Constellation Necklace

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 First of all wearing your Constellation represents the Queen sitting in her thrown, which is you! Secondly,  Zodiacs are not only interesting and magical, they promote love, luck and protection. And third these Constellation Pendants are not mass produced! Once you order, I hand make yours based off a group of stars that form your Constellation including your Birthstone or any gemstone you have a connection with. We will chat about your constellation before its made so I can make sure its made to your perfection. 

*Price can vary depending on Gemstone selection and quantity of Gemstones set in the metal. 

*Constellation Pendants with Gemstones takes about 2 weeks to make and ship.  Your Constellation pendant is made from Sterling Silver and comes with a simple Sterling Silver Chain that measures 17 inches.*Please message me for custom lengths, chain styles or a quote in 14k Gold/White Gold/Rose Gold.