Embellished & Stamped Pendant - Coming Soon
Embellished & Stamped Pendant - Coming Soon
Embellished & Stamped Pendant - Coming Soon
Mandalynn Jewelry Designs

Embellished & Stamped Pendant - Coming Soon

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We have a whole bunch of jewelry workshops coming soon! Stay tuned for these to all go live March 1st!

There are so many things you can do with metal when it comes to making jewelry! In this class we will learn how to use a simple jewelers saw, solder, hand stamping and texturing. You will create your very own Sterling Silver pendant, ring, or bracelet. The jeweler's saw is one of the most important tools for jewelry making. You will learn how to properly thread your saw blades and how to effectively cut metal to create uniquely shaped components for your jewelry designs. You will also get to hand stamp letters, numbers or designs into your metal or choose from a variety of embellishments to solder onto your piece and use a mix of other metals such as copper or 14k gold filled. We will also go over files and sandpaper to polish out the rough edges and different tools to create holes in our pieces to suspend from a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. 

*Beginner level

*All materials included in class fee. 

*This workshop is appropriate for ages 16+

* Minimum 3 / Max 7

*Wear hair up, old clothing or apron over clothing.

*Safety Waiver required to sign by Mandalynn Jewelry Designs

*Location : Reno Public Market, 299 E Plumb Lane