Kids Birthday Party
Kids Birthday Party
Kids Birthday Party
Kids Birthday Party
Kids Birthday Party
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Kids Birthday Party

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Stringing beads has become a beloved pastime for individuals of every age group. With just the right cord, a variety of beads, and clear instructions, you can embark on a journey of crafting exquisite jewelry and other artistic masterpieces. Engaging in this activity not only brings joy but also offers therapeutic benefits, making it suitable for both adults and children. Not only does it enhance fine and visual motor skills, but it also fosters concentration, creativity, planning, counting, and teamwork. Moreover, organizing play dates centered around bead stringing can be an enjoyable and inclusive activity for everyone involved, including parents. It provides an opportunity for children to learn the value of sharing, while simultaneously building friendships and supporting each other's imaginative ideas.

*Price below is a deposit. $20-$30/per kid includes all their materials to make several bracelets or a necklace and bracelet. 

*Ages 6 and up!

Mandalynn Jewelry offers the flexibility of either coming to your location or hosting the class at our designated venue.

Please let us know your preferred date and location, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 

To proceed with the reservation, kindly provide us with the following details:

1. Preferred date:

2. Location preference (your venue or ours):

3. Number of participants (minimum is 8, Max is 20) :

About the teacher:

Mandi, your teacher has an extensive background in the retail industry, having successfully owned and managed a charming bead store for over two decades. During this time, she not only catered to the needs of bead goers  but also shared her passion for creativity by offering after-school jewelry making classes and hosting exciting birthday party workshops in her shop. What sets her apart is her remarkable collection of beads, which surpasses the ordinary selection found at your typical craft supply stores. With such unique and exquisite materials at hand, crafting beautiful handmade pieces becomes an exceptional opportunity to create truly special and heartfelt gifts.