Timeless Elegance of Pearl Knotting
Timeless Elegance of Pearl Knotting
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Timeless Elegance of Pearl Knotting

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Pearl knotting is a jewelry-making technique that has stood the test of time, adding sophistication and security to pearl necklaces for centuries. This meticulous process involves stringing pearls onto a necklace while knotting a tiny knot between each pearl. It also makes for an interesting design element. Knotting can be done with almost any type of bead in a thread that matches the color of your beads, or a contrasting color. We will supply an array of fresh water pearls for you to choose from.

*All materials are included in this class and additional materials can be purchased. 

A little about freshwater pearls: Contrary to popular belief, oysters do not produce freshwater pearls. This honor goes mainly to the pearl mussels that reside in rivers, ponds, and lakes. The majority of cultured freshwater pearls originate in China. A freshwater mussel can conceivably generate as many as 50 pearls at a time. However, it can take the animal between four and six years to accomplish this. Many mussels succumb to pollution and disease before the pearls have reached their peak.

*All materials are included in this class to make a necklace: Silk, real freshwater pearls and clasp. Additional supplies are available to purchase or swap out for different Pearls or Gemstones. 

* 2.5-3 hour class

*This workshop is appropriate for ages 15+

* Minimum 3 / Max 8

*Location : Reno Public Market, 299 E Plumb Lane Suite 136